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About Recent Entries

The value of the computer Jul. 8th, 2004 @ 07:27 pm
The computer is very useful. The Internet is the largest of all computer networks. With only a computer and a phone line, we can send and receive letters in munites. We can talk with people in other countries. In addition, It does a lot of work very quickly, but it cannot think or imagine. I think the value of computer depends on our creative use of it.

Environmental pollution Jul. 1st, 2004 @ 02:39 pm
Environmental pollution is beginning to get attention. Now, we are faced with a big problems, such as, water pollustion, ozone depletion, deforestation, and air pollution. As everyone knows, Global warming conference held in Kyoto in 1997. Each countries needs to protect the environment from destruction. I think it is important to set aside some time to think about our important and wonderful nature.

My hometown!!! Jun. 24th, 2004 @ 06:44 pm
My hometown is Mie prefecture. There are a lot of interesting places in Mie, for example, the Ise Shrine, Meoto Iwa, Suzuka circuit, etc. Today, I would like to talk about Meoto Iwa. It is a symbol of Shinto belief, so it is very famous rock in Japan. Meoto Iwa also means Wedded two rocks, so many japanese singles visit to find a good partner. You would find many interesting and beautiful places in Mie.

Great photographer Jun. 17th, 2004 @ 12:51 am
I would like to introduce a photographer,qilora. I want everyone to look at a lot of photos of animals which she took. I feel that it's so cute and cool!!! I'm begining to see how challenging taking a photograph is. I would like to take a beautiful pictures like her.

Animals Jun. 7th, 2004 @ 10:35 pm
I love many kinds of animals, including dogs, cats, kangaroo and koala. I think that animals has a wonderful power to make people feel fine and secure. Now, I have an intrested in kangaroo
, but I actually have never seen it.
Other entries
» Baseball
I like to play baseball. I have been played baseball since eight years old. Now, we have organaized sandlet baseball team with my friends. We often play baseball game in the weekend. And I like to watch major league baseball game on TV. I love Ichiro.
» Cycling
I think that cycling is a great way to keep fit and healthy. I try to go to the school by bicycle every day. And I like to go cycling without deciding a destination.
» Traveling
Traveling all over the world is one of my dream. I have never been abroad, so I want to go in my school days. I would like to eat many foods there and learn many culture. And I like to watch travel programs.
» Interesting parson
I have an interest in baseball, so my interesting parson is Ichiro who is major league baseball player. Now, he is a top player in major league. He must be the hero of kids who plays baseball. Recently, Watching major league news is one of the things that makes me happy.
» Holidays
Yesterday,I went to KIYOMIZU temple with my friends. I went to there for the first time in two years. It is like dream.I'm beginning to see how challenging Japanese culture and temple is.
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